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What to expect from a consultation?

Prior to the consultation

Before the initial consultation you will receive a link to complete a health questionnaire and a food diary online. If you have any recent test results, I will take a look at those as well.

During the consultation

The initial consultation takes 60 minutes and follow-up consultations are 50 min long. During the consultation we will discuss in-depth your current health concerns, symptoms, diagnoses, family history, medication and supplementation, your diet, lifestyle and physical activity levels.

I will develop a personalised health optimisation programme based on these findings, my analysis and research.

Additionally to the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, I may include suggestions of functional tests and/or supplementation.  Both testing and supplementation are optional.  However, in certain circumstances testing may help with development of a more targeted therapeutical approach.

After the consultation

Within two days after your consultation you will receive a personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme. The programme may include dietary and lifestyle advice, recipes and tips. All recommendations are tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and food preferences.

If you are happy to take supplementation, I will include a detailed supplementation plan in your programme. Any functional tests discussed during the consultation will also be arranged at this point.

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